Acurx Pharmaceuticals
David P. Luci
Cofounder & Managing Partner
  • Former Chief Executive Officer of Dipexium, a biopharmaceutical company focused on Ph3 clinical development of an
    antimicrobial peptide for diabetic foot infection
  • Responsibilities included capital raising efforts, investor relations, public relations, corporate development, business
    development, legal and finance activities; more than seven years as CEO of Dipexium Pharmaceuticals in the
    antimicrobial/wound care area (Nasdaq: DPRX) as well as more than five years at Bioenvision (Nasdaq: BIVN)
  • Raised over $180 million in equity financing as CEO or CFO of four public pharmaceutical companies including
    approximately $70 million as CEO of Dipexium
  • Obtained analyst coverage by nine Wall Street brokerage firms (three firms at Dipexium; six firms at Bioenvision),
    including JP Morgan, UBS, CIBC, FBR, Raymond James, Feltl & Co. and Oppenheimer. Dipexium experience included
    three “Buy” or Strong Buy” recommendations.
  • Led four public offerings, including two IPO’s with two Nasdaq listings) and two secondary offerings (one Amex listing) in
    addition to ten to twelve private equity offerings.
  • Led three in-licensing or out-licensing opportunities; negotiated the sale of Bioenvision (Nasdaq: IVN) to Genzyme for
    $345 million and merger of Dipexium with PLx Pharma ($69 million).
  • Served on the Board of Directors of Abeona Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ABEO), PLx Pharma Inc. (Nasdaq: PLXP) and
    Dipexium Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: DPRX).   Member, Steering Committee, with two members from Genzyme, for     
    worldwide development of a drug for leukemia.
  • Case Study A:  Bioenvision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIVN).  Started in June 2002 as second employee ($20 mm market
    capitalization on OTC BB). Established NY, Edinburgh, Scotland and Tokyo offices; managed NY and Tokyo Offices.  
    Expanded/hired 70 employees in five years. Raised over $105 million in equity financing; obtained regulatory approval for
    a leukemia drug (2006).  Buy ratings from JP Morgan, UBS, CIBC, FBR, Canaccord and others (NO neutral ratings). In-
    licensed Asian rights to lead drug; outlicensed Australian rights to Hospira, lead negotiator in sale to Genzyme in 2007
    for $345 mm.
  • Case Study B:  Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: DPRX).  Started in April 2010 as co-founder. Successfully led
    team through ten financings, a Nasdaq listing and merger with PLx Pharma Inc. (Nasdaq: PLXP) in April 2017 after failed
    Phase 3 trials in a merger valued at $69 million

Robert J. DeLuccia
Cofounder & Managing Partner
  • Over 45 years pharmaceutical industry experience
  • Former Executive Chairman of Dipexium a pharmaceutical company focused on Ph3 clinical development of an
    antimicrobial peptide for diabetic foot infection. Responsibilities included all CMC, pre-clinical/clinical and regulatory
    activities, including direct liaison to FDA on all regulatory matters for multiple product candidates
  • Pharmaceutical industry experience includes sales, marketing, manufacturing and new product development with global
    pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer and Sanofi).  Held senior executive positions in both companies and also CEO of two
    publicly (NASDAQ) traded biopharmaceutical companies (Immunomedics, Inc. and MacroChem CORP)
  • Areas of experience include new product introductions and drug development in the following areas: Antibiotics and
    antidiabetic agents: (amifloxacin, doxycycline, bacampicillin, cefaperazone, chlorpropamide and glypizide);
  • Cardiovasculars: antiypertensive, heart failure, diagnostic contrast media, clopidogrel (antiplatelet agent)
  • Other: antianxiety/antidepression
  • Topical new drug development areas including: creams/gels/liquids for erectile dysfunction, testosterone, onychomycosis
    and diabetic foot infection/wound care
  • Lead Director of Board of Directors of IBEX Pharmaceuticals, a publicly-traded (IBT-TSX), Montreal-based company
    involved in the manufacture and marketing of proteins for biomedical use (Including Heparinase I for monitoring
    hemostasis in presence of anticoagulants). IBEX also manufactures arthritis assays which are widely used in
    osteoarthritis research.

Robert G. Shawah
Chief Accounting Officer
  • Chief Accounting Officer at Dipexium (2012-2017)
  • Thirty years experience in accounting and audit including Arthur Andersen PC, WR Grace & Co, and other early stage to
    mid-sized companies.

Michael Silverman, MD, FACP  
Medical Director
(Independent consultant; BioStrategics Consulting, Ltd)
  • Over 30 years experience in biopharmaceutical industry clinical research and product development
  • Experience includes positions of increasing responsibility at both global and start-up companies, managing multiple
    pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects across a broad range of therapeutic areas including infectious disease.
  • Prior to founding his consulting company, experience includes KPMG Health Care Consulting; Biopure Corp, Sandoz,
    Sterling-Winthrop (Kodak-Sanofi) and clinical practice of medicine

Les Johnson, Manufacturing Director
(Independent consultant; Optimum Development Technologies, Inc.)
  • Over 30 years experience in manufacture of products for advanced therapeutics (cell therapies), biologics,
    pharmaceuticals and devices
  • Designed, installed and managed modular and large-scale facilities for biologics and synthetic pharmaceuticals.
  • Company experience includes: Clear Path Development, Salamandra, Celsis, Cambrex, Biosynexus, Baxter Bioscience,
    Protein Polymer Technologies, Bayer Biologics, Cetus/Codon/Berlex